Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why do people feel weather changes in their joints?

Why do people feel weather changes in their joints? Is it just a superstition?

People feel weather changes in their bodies because storm systems are accompanied by lower air pressure. When a storm system is approaching the barometric pressure or air pressure will drop. Inside the body is air pressure also. The pressure inside the body is approximately 15 lbs per square inch. Normal air pressure ...on the outside is approximately the same. When both numbers are equal most people don't feel anything. However, when the low pressure system approaches or the air pressure drops, the pressure on the inside of the body is greater than outside and that air on the inside tries to get out because air flows from high pressure to low pressure. This causes swelling and discomfort in some people's joints, especially in the elderly or people who have suffered injuries to those areas (those areas are weakened somewhat due to the injury and less resistant to the changes in pressure).

It is because of the changes in air pressure that we are able to better forecast the weather.

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