Thursday, May 3, 2012

Born To Run author Christopher McDougall's TED Talk

Here’s a classic TED Talk from Born To Run author Christopher McDougall. As one of the pioneers of the modern barefoot movement, Chris McDougall has been heavily influential in transforming barefoot running, from a marginal way of life enjoyed by a few, to the biggest transformation in running since the invention of jogging (thanks to Nike, circa 1972).
“Imagine in a world where everybody could go out the door and engage in a kind of exercise which made them more relaxed, more serene, more healthy and burn off stress,” Christopher McDougall says, “if we find that thing; restore that natural ability that we all enjoyed, up until the 1970s or so, the benefits; social, and physical and political and mental could be outstanding”
The “thing” he’s talking about: barefoot running.
Did you know our barefoot running expert Lee Saxby, who heads up our Training Clinic, helped Christopher McDougall recover from his plantar fasciitis. True story!

"We are the biggest sissies in the jungle. Every other animal is stronger than we are — they have fangs, they have claws, they have nimbleness, they have speed. We think Usain Bolt is fast — Usain Bolt can get his ass kicked by a squirrel.” – Christopher McDougall

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