Saturday, February 11, 2012

An MD describes Paleo.

As an MD I feel as lied to and as outraged at the lies as any of you. Perhaps more so. I've spent $420,000 in education just to be taught the WRONG thing. I've been trained to think of obese people as lazy, gluttonous liars. I've been brainwashed into thinking statins are wonder drugs.
This was fine until I became obese and couldn't lose the weight by exercise or diet restriction. Something was OBVIOUSLY wrong. I was an athlete for crying out loud. My own MD tried to put me on statins. My Triglycerides were over 300 and my HDL was under 40. I was 35.
It isn't that MD's don't get the biochemistry. Trust me, if there is one thing we get it's biochemistry. Hell, my degree was in analytic biochemistry.
I've been trained to be some semblance of a respectable authority on peoples health. I'm (or was ) a liar made legitimate by virtue of a degree. I should have listened to my mother when all she served was meat, organ meat, veggies, and a little rice.
Rest assured. ALL MD's are not fools who are unwilling to step back and reassess. The evidence is building and the tide is beginning to turn. I fear that until the NIH begins to fund research in the area of grain elimination and higher fat eating habits the general public will still think that fat is bad.
FYI I just realized this about 1 month ago when I was researching diets incorporating (whatever the cereal which compares itself with an egg is). I was directed to this sub-reddit by google and someone ranting about the evils of grains and etc. So I looked up paleo and read Sisson and Cordain. Then I read "Wheat Belly". I was still wrestling with the amount of fat in the diet. Then I got a hold of Taubes which blew my mind. Then I watched the video about fructose and HFCS.
My fiancee is pissed at me because she loves her sweets. The other MD's I work worth are leery of me although they have commented about my "wasting away to nothing." I've lost 30 lbs in month on grass fed beef and buffalo, fish, nuts, eggs, pork belly, and veggies.
So thank you for vociferously expounding on the evils of whole grains. Thank you for not shutting up and listening to nay-sayers and experts.
EDIT 1: I am not saying that appropriate drugs do not have their place or that they cannot be beneficial. I'm saying that preventing disease is much preferable to treating disease.

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