Monday, June 11, 2012

Future of Fitness?

Written by Ido Portal
Interesting how the Fitness community is coming around to Movement lately.
In the last couple of months I've been receiving major offers from around the globe to conduct more and more Movement seminars. The hosting gyms are major Crossfit facilities, traditional Yoga studios, martial arts academies and even many commercial gym chains.

The reason for this shift is similar to the return to organic - we understand the price of the modern specialization and "development".

Something is missing.

All of our attempts to manufacture better foods, like the GMO approach - are failing on us. Something is not right. Its not as complete as what nature has provided. We have been missing something and in some cases - we are making LETHAL mistakes.

So, similarly, the "joint isolation", bodybuilding and machine training are practically dead, but let me make a prediction, if you will, (how stupid of me but, whatever..) I believe that even the new modern concepts such as practiced, specialized sports and other dogmatic "newer" training systems are missing the human boat.
We need something more...
We need movement - in its varied, holistic, fulfilling, interesting and intelligent way.
Whether this is because we are programmed to do stuff like hunt & gather, dance around the fire, fight, wrestle, climb trees and mountains, swim across or river, etc, I wont argue, but I will tell you this - we NEED a more MOVEMENT BASED APPROACH.

So, why still the resistance from many people to this kind of practice? One reason and one reason only...


They cant do it well, lack any good instruction and development because the various training methods that already offer such approach are mostly overhyped, stupid shit, (that most people cannot even recognize as shit - as they are beginners in this practice...) and finally despair and come back to their narrow focus training where they feel safe.

That is in a good case.. In a bad case - they don't even try. They are intimidated, afraid to fail. Ego driven. Weak.

But, there you go - the future of Fitness is the mother subject, the one that actually contains Fitness- it is MOVEMENT!

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